EPS supporting Nicola by sporting beards

The boys at EPS Pipeworks were moved to (in)action by the plight of young mum Nicola Hitchen based in John and Lee’s home City of Chester. Nicola was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer and the doctors said it was too late to treat her. She now needs to raise £100,000 in order to undergo treatment in Turkey and give her and her 2 boys a shot at their mum being around for them to watch them grow up.
The boys were moved by Nicki’s plight and set about thinking how they could help. Being the action packed go get em type of chaps they are they decided to stop shaving and grow a beard. “We are a small company and busy people so we thought what could we do to help”, said Lee Murphy, “not having to shave for a month, and raise some money along the way seemed a good fit for us, and hopefully in our small way helps Nicki and her boys in some way. It was quite liberating really (though our better halves weren’t quite as pleased). At the end of the month we all shaved our beards into some sort of shape to make us feel, if only for a brief moment like we had real facial hair styles. Judge for yourself on the images below. MD John Murphy was more then happy with his Village people look, while Lee went for breaking bad, Frank himself wanted a Frank Muir look while Ken settled for Roberto Duran, or not.
You can read more about Nicolas story here.