EPS Pipeworks and the 2012 Olympics

Olympic fever touched Hull with the arrival of the Olympic Torch on 18th June with the celebration evening happening just up the road from our offices on West Dock Avenue. The Olympic Games will be the biggest sporting event staged in the Country and will no doubt have us all in its grip.
There was, not so long ago, much talk about whether the Olympic programme would be delivered on time and on budget. Now we are told, not only will it happen on time, but may even come in under budget!! EPS can be proud to have played a small part in ensuring this happens.
In 2010 we were asked by GEA Grenco to undertake the installation of 7 Chiller Packs for the Stratford site, which included off-site fabrication of pipework spools and on-site assembly at the Olympic Park. There was little room for movement on the delivery of this project due to its National importance and we were entrusted with ensuring that a quality installation was brought in on time. We can only have the highest regard for the team that has delivered the infrastructure project. We know from our own projects how reliant companies can be on other traders when delivering a scheme. The size of the Olympic infrastructure must have seen literally thousands of contractors commissioned. If even 5% of those contractors came in over time and budget, the knock on effect would have been significant. We didn’t treat our part of the programme any different than any other job, we planned, we communicated and we got it done to the specification and on time.

The Olympics promise to be huge and we are proud to have played our part!