EPS launch a new sustainbility drive with 7 days to sustainability

As part of our continued development EPS pipeworks have launched a new initiative to develop and implement more sustainable operating policies. To coincide with the new year we are pleased to announce we have signed up to the “The Planet Positive 7 Days to Sustainability Campaign” which provides a free sustainability programme to UK businesses to help them see the benefits of sustainability from cost saving and energy efficiency to marketing and sales but equally important to help us improve the lives of the communities we operate in. We will be looking at Energy Efficiency, Recycling, Travel, Food and Water, Procurement through to Communications and Marketing. We may not be able to change the world but we can do our bit. MD John Murphy explains ‘ the world is changing as we need to do our bit to adapt, putting more emphasis on a sustainable company will help us develop and benefit the community around us’. Of course company’s of our size are often put off by words like sustainability but we are different and we are keen to minimise the impact we have on our communities.
We hope that working through the programme we will be able to launch a sustainability policy in the near future so that all the people who work with us have a clear understanding of what we want to achieve.

For more information on the programme visit