New Environmental and Sustainability Policy at EPS

EPS Pipeworks have recently launched a new Environmental and Sustainability Policy following the successful introduction of the 7 days to sustainability programme. The policy will ensure EPS continue to work in a way that minimises our impact on our communities. The new policy broadens the scope of what we try to do and has seen us introduce new recycling and energy saving measures. Operations manager commented “ a lot of the ideas we have had around sustainability have come from our staff who are keen to do their bit. We now have a green champion and new initiatives in place to reduce paper use and increase recycling. We are also putting significant efforts into reducing our fuel consumption including reducing vehicle journeys and turning things off at night. These things are only small things but over the course of 12 months should make a big difference to our carbon footprint. We hope as the weather eases we may see a further reduction in vehicle journeys and we will provide secure provision to encourage cycling to work”.

The new policy can be found on our key documents page on the website.