EPS can now offer pressure vessels.

For many years our clients have been asking us to look at providing pressure vessels for them. It makes sense really, fewer links in the supply chain and a unit could come fully packaged from our workshop ready to install on site. For the customer this reduces their risk and reduces the number of subcontractors in the supply chain. We wanted to make sure we had the process and people in place to be able to offer this service to our clients before we went ahead and did it, and NOW WE DO. We can now offer bespoke and custom built pressure vessels and not only that, we can do it very quickly. From placing the order to pressure testing we have turned around a unit in less than a month.
We can offer speed and quality which adds a real alternative in the market place. Your unit could come fully packaged if that is what you require minimizing site time and risk. In times of emergency this service could save weeks on production lines. Constructed to the relevant design code and manufactured in line with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), a Declaration of Conformity to the European CE mark can also be provided.
*Pressure Vessel to your design code.
*PED Compliant
*Tested and approved by Third party
*Fully packaged units available to minimize install time
*Fast turnaround to minimize site down time
*CE marked
*We can deliver, position and install your unit.