EPS proud to support Team GB for the Special Olympics World Winter Games.

EPS are proud to support the work of Team GB for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games. The games will see 3000 athletes from around the world convene in Austria in march 2017 to compete in 9 different sports.
Team GB are taking a team of Athletes and coach volunteers out to Austria to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity . Joshua Murphy son of our MD is one of the volunteers hoping to make a difference to peoples lives by giving up their time ti support this event. A professional ski coach for 9 years now Josh has been responsible for setting up adaptive courses around the world and is now based back here in the UK at Snowzone in Milton Keynes, where amongst his other duties Josh has set up and run adaptive courses for many people who otherwise would not have the opportunity.
Unfortunately, there isn’t the funding available for the coach volunteers to go and although a great honour to be chosen to assist team GB all volunteer coaches are being asked to fund their attendance at the event themselves. Josh himself has set up a just giving page at


And EPS are proud to support Josh in this worthwhile venture to ensure that these Athletes who have spent years working towards their goal of competing on an international stage. For more information on the adaptive programme at Snowzone click on the following link where a short you tube film explains the work they do and how Josh assists.