About Us

Our People

We invest significant time in training and developing our staff. Our workforce offers a wealth of experience of working with many different materials, which includes carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics (ABS,PVC) and jacketed pipework. All staff have CSCS cards and a comprehensive list of associated training qualifications. We are now working towards ISO 9001 accreditation so that we can continue to improve the quality standards of the company. Our qualified staff will not compromise on standards and will provide a quality service.

John Murphy
John started the business in 1988 when he recognised the need for a more specialist service to the Refrigeration Industry and has overseen the growth of the company to its present size. John’s own values underpin the company and he is clear about what that means for our customers – “people use us because they trust us to do the right thing, it is important to me that our clients value our integrity. Our customers keep coming back to us because we keep them informed, we are realistic about costs and ultimately we do a good job”. I always want to be on first name terms with our clients and want to be in a position whereby should a client want to contact me, they will know they are able to speak to me.

Lee Murphy
Lee has recently joined the company and has an extensive background in projects and business management. “My job at the company is to oversee its expansion so that as we continue to develop, we do not overstretch ourselves. The values of the company are important to me, and the value it places on its clients’ needs is something I’m keen to ensure we never lose. We are introducing new systems to allow us to be able to enhance the services we provide to our customers, and aligned to the great people we have here, I know we will continue to be seen as the leading provider in our sector.

Ken Harrison
Ken has 27 years’ experience in Mechanical and Industrial Refrigeration installations including process pipe work installation and is known and respected throughout the industry. There isn’t much Ken hasn’t seen and done before and that knowledge is a great asset to the Company and its clients. Ken specialises in fast tracking projects and says that “I’ve been involved with EPS for a long time, I really like the fact that most of our decisions are based on what’s best for the client so even when we need to fast track projects this would never be done to the detriment of what the clients requires on their job”.

June Boothby
June has had a diverse career that has encompassed experience in manufacturing, contracting, export, and reactive maintenance. The support office functions of the company are vital as it is one of the things that set us apart from other companies. “Commonsense, combined with an enquiring nature and a logical approach to problem solving enables me to get the best out of systems and the personnel I work with”. June’s own principles ensure that the company strives to provide the best service it can and accommodate the individual client’s needs and requirements.