A Busy Summer

July 2, 2019

Things really are busy here at EPS. We have a major contract underway in Eye, Suffolk, installing pipework into a new food processing plant, we have been on site since March and will look to complete in September, a plant room and 60 coolers later. We  are also now fully engaged at Croda Oils in Hull, working on 2 projects around the plant extension. Again these contracts will run over summer. .  Works at Centrica continue apace as we head towards the planned works over summer. Amongst these major contracts, clients such as Triton, OMYA, IRS and EDF & Man continue to seek our support around their maintenance programmes. Its safe to say we are pleased to be so busy and are thankful to our staff and supply chain to continue to support us. 

As a result we continue to invest in our workforce and have created 26 jobs over the last 8 weeks to meet this demand. We have a great mix of skills here and a team focused on delivering quality installations. Looking further ahead we aim to consolidate our footprint within the Humber Estuary and seek the new opportunities our team can deliver. 

It is good news for us at EPS and good news for the area.