Busy times despite Covid

September 22, 2020

We have been very fortunate to be able to keep working during the Covid Pandemic. Serving food and Oil and gas sites means EPS has and continues to be busy. We currently have people on 6 separate sites around the Country working across food, logistics, oil and gas and power generation. This would be challenging in normal circumstances but in the current climate being able to complete projects is only half the battle. We have worked tirelessly with local government agencies, our own Health and Safety people and our staff to put in place significant processes to give us Covid secure work areas. Our staff have taken it all on board and continue to be sensible and safe. It looks like we are heading towards great restrictions on movements but res t assured we have plans in place to be able to keep food and power sites operating.

We have a major contract underway at a food processing factory in Hull, along with a food distribution centre in the South West, a large industrial factory in the Midlands, a large cold store in North Yorkshire and 3 energy sites along the Humber and East Coast. Director Lee Murphy offered “it's been a real test of our processes and staff to be able to monitor works across multiple sites especially when visiting those sites is not always possible. Its been a great effort, but everyone’s safety remains our priority. We are doing things differently of course and some of that necessity has driven innovation, but we remain committed to keeping people safe and contracts delivered”.

We will certainly have some challenges to get projects complete and we expect to be busy well into the New Year assuming sites can stay open. We will continue to work in line with Government advice and that of our own risk assessments and safe methods of work and meet these challenges with our usual professionalism.