Project completed at Centrica

July 20, 2022

Last September we were asked at very short notice to pick up a contract at the Easington Terminal in East Yorkshire after a change of plan on site. We needed to mobilize a large site team at pace and pick up from where the previous contractor had left. It was certainly a challenging brief. The project is now complete and handed over and the client is happy. Not only did we need to first understand what was and wasn't already on site we needed very quickly to come to terms with the install plan and make sure we have the right people there to do it - all from a standing start. 

Our MD Lee Murphy said "as a contracting company its par for the course to be asked to step up and mobilize quickly, its one of the things we do and are good at, our customers recognize it. Its only now on reflection on the project I realize what an great team effort was undertaken and just how much was done. Its so pleasing that our staff rose to the challenge and helped the client get the project delivered. We worked very closely with the Centrica Project team to ensure we were all pulling in the same direction and its credit to their delivery teams and our site and contracting team we got it over the line. 

EPS has built a reputation for rapid response and problem solving, and with our contract team now in place we have the competencies and capacity to plan an undertake large scale contracts whilst also being able to provide that rapid response to clients. 

The company has grown so much in the last 3 years which when you consider what has happened in the world is a real success. Our management team is bigger and more experienced - our fabrication facility is highly skilled and responsive and our install teams continue to work safely and quickly. We are really fortunate to have such a good team. "

We look forward to providsing continued service to our client base.